Kontora | A lean multidisciplinary creative agency
dig to discover
The goal: through observation,
questioning, and analysis, to
generate insights of value-add that
we can leverage to reach your
business objectives.
The goal: to break through
patterns and provide a
disruptive creative angle ready
to dominate, be noticed &
test & create
measurable results
The goal: to amplify the mobilization
efforts to reach your audience &
provide a measurable ROI.
We’ve already met and now we are studying every little aspect of your universe: market, competitor, and brand assessment. In this analysis phase, the question “why” will be persistently and restlessly asked so that the entire project turns out to be a fluid experience for you and for us. This is why before the planning takes place, we need to familiarize ourselves with your existing pain points, difficulties, goals and your assumptions – we need to know everything, so you can succeed.. The purpose is to generate insights of value-add to your brand and define the business objective(s).
Simply summarized as measure, measure, measure, cut! This is the reflection and creative laboratory testing phase based on the business objective(s) defined in our analysis. The purpose is to break through patterns, validate results, and provide a disruptive angle ready to dominate, be noticed & mobilized.
The right insights and creative is lost without tactical execution. However execution and delivery, if not measured and analyzed, cannot be tied to the business objectives of your brand. In this way we amplify the mobilization efforts to provide you a measurable ROI. ready to